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11-02-2012, 01:38 PM
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The League didn't cancel the season until February in the 2005, so it's still way too early to be declaring this season dead in the water.

In other good news, the NHLPA did not accept a hard cap as part of the CBA until mid February (like a week before the season was canceled). And they didn't accept linkage (connecting the salary cap, or player costs, to total League revenue) until much later.

In this lockout, the PA has already agreed that 50% is where we need to be. The only difference is how to get there: the PA wants to go there gradually and keep the current players' share intact while the NHL wants to be there right now (now? NOW! Well, when will then be now? SOON!) and compensate by roll back players' salaries.

That is not something that should take 3 months to negotiate. Honestly, they could probably get together this weekend and agree on a compromise. No player rollbacks, but the players' share is frozen until it reaches 50%. Players get to go to Olympics. Owners get 4 year ELC and 8 years to free agency.

I wasn't around in the 2004 lockout, but looking at the historical analysis, where we are right now is nothing compared to 2004. I'm not giving up hope yet.

But this is all contingent that the owners are interested in working with the PA. What I am afraid of is that the hardliners want to completely crush the PA with a show of power. Failure to crush the PA in 1994 was a huge factor in the dead puck era, and frankly, if it meant that we didn't have to do this gong show every decade or so, I am all for the owners curb stomping the PA completely and utterly.

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