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11-02-2012, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by GordonGecko View Post
I hate to tell you but the damage is already done so most of the owners don't care how many more games are cancelled. Of course the Rangers, Leafs, & Habs are going to be reading Bettman the riot act, but the league has 30 teams, many of which make little to no profit.
First of all, the teams make more money than you think. Again, not even Leavit was privy to the actual audited financial statements.

Second of all, the more that gets canceled, the more revenue is lost.

And finally, the amount of damage to an owner once no a single season ticket is going to be felt much more then, than it is today.
The players can sit out 3 seasons if they want, that just means they won't get paid for 3 seasons and they can never get those years back. When that finally sinks a deal will be signed
That is certainly true. However, do not blatantly ignore what that means to an owner. Let's take a value in the middle, say $200 million. Now, let's take in your 3 year scenario. Imagine being an owner, having a $200m investment, it does not generate a red cent. NOTHING. In fact, all you do have, are fixed costs that you keep paying every year. Must feel good, eh? And to whom, pray tell, are you going to try to sell this investment to? If the league folds, you have now flushed $200 million down the toiled, incurred millions in costs (like rental payments), and have taken a substantial bath.

And if you are a new owner, like the ones in Dallas, Buffalo and Tampa. You have sunk in hundreds of millions, only not to make ANYTHING back and are now stuck with an albatross.

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