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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
I'll tell you what. You start a thread about how no one is allowed to comment on players that they didn't see play during their adult years, and I'll be sure to sticky that for you, mmmkay?
... now now 70's, lets not go overboard here. Me, Myself & I along with a fairly sizeable sampling of posters here were in fact alive, conscious & breathing throughout the 50's, 60's & 70's, saw Ramsay, Mikita, Pully, H.Richard etc in action.

If your truly a connoisseur & student of the game, you'll pay a considerable amount of attention to defensive forwards, that line of Luce/Gare/Ramsay one of the best in the league from 75-80, dangerous as all Hell what with Gare being a sniper of serious quality & talent. They were a "unit"; Gainey a "force" in and of himself, a far more intelligent player & commanding presence than Ramsay ever was, who I wouldnt even rank top 15 or 20.

As for the offer of a "sticky"; I didnt watch NHL hockey prior to about 1961-62, so Im not about to voice strong opinions and "absolutes" about anyone who played previously, but I will listen keenly to & respect the opinions of my elders who were around & did witness their exploits, a courtesy you Sir might wish to extend to myself and others posting here on the History of Hockey Board. Makes for a more inclusive & enjoyable experience for one & all.

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