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11-02-2012, 01:02 PM
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Stan and the Hawks draft brain trust go on the recommendation of Mats Halin for Euro prospects. Doubt Stan or anyone else actually sees the Euro prospects outside of the international tournaments and even thats suspect.

In all fairness, the Hawks prospect depth at forward as of the 2010 draft was weak. The 2009 drafted players including Pirri and Kruger were just drafted and an unknown quantity... they really liked Gilbert though . Beach was coming off his food fight with Aliu. Thanks to Tallons drafting, the prospect pool was trending way down b/c of failed draft picks. Mark Kelly was brought in by Dale and I believe the main consultant for draft evaluation and is still is one of the main voices on draft day. Well he finally found a few players outside of the first round. Get enough picks for 6-7 years and you're bound to find something... unless you're part of the Hawks draft brain trust in the 90's. :

As far as Rensfeldt goes, the Hawks had little as far as prospect forwards. So OK, they go on Halins recommendation and throw him a bone. Factoid is between the first and second rounds, they pass on Etem and Coyle in the first and Faulk and Merrill in the second. Oh wait... Olsen was just picked the year before and will be the #1 d-prospect of the future. Go Mark.

I can play hindsight b/c Im just a poster and not getting paid for draft evaluations unlike those who make the actual picks.

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