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Originally Posted by Zman5778 View Post
I'm in the same boat with vcv -- HATE onions (except in onion ring form...or as the major flavoring for french onion dip....just no big chunks of onion).

Absolutely love garlic.

Shallots are alright when cooked and used in moderation -- I find them to be slightly sweeter and less pungent than onions.

Chives? Given the choice, I'd pass.
My only issue is when I'm really hungry. Typically, I love all of 'em, but when famished (rare ), the aroma of any of them cooking will turn my stomach. My Dad has always complained about the smell of garlic cooking, apparently, I now know why --- not that it stops me from using 'em and enjoying the flavor when they're done.

Originally Posted by vcv View Post
The issue with all of 'em for me is the texture. For some reason, my mouth just rejects it.

The taste part of it is fine.
Puree. All the flavor, none of the consistency.

Originally Posted by HockeyH3aven View Post
Texture? You can feel the texture of garlic, chives, and shallots when they've been cooked into a cream/roue dish?

You must have super sensitive taste buds, or somebody isn't chopping them fine enough.
I'm a big fan of carmalized onions or shallots -- once they start to show a little color/soften, pour just a little water into the pan (enough to just barely cover the slices... think bog, not lake) and then let it cook off with the heat down low. By the time the water evaporates, the allium is golden, brown and delicious (Alton Brown, patent pending).

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