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11-02-2012, 02:12 PM
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I know Ridley is THE guy in NE, but one fumble and that changes. It's already affected two games. I like him, a lot, but he scares me. AP on the other hand, is much, much more consistent, even without the Vikings leading late in games.

In my league's scoring, Miller and Davis are virtually the same (8 points difference). It's basically a wash, and again, that move, along with the WR move, is only to make the salary caps work.

Yes, Young has only had one good game, but with Burelson out and Megatron being double and triple covered, I believe he's gonna be getting a lot of targets. And Antonio Brown is yet to go over 100 yards this season. Not really a huge dropoff in my opinion.

The QB one is interesting. I don't doubt that Brees is going to continue to put up huge numbers. I'm not saying that it won't be a dropoff down to Cam. But if you look at who he's playing the rest of the season, he's facing weak defenses in Washington, Tampa, KC, Oakland, Philly.

I think he'll come around, and the dropoff won't be as big as it looks. Plus he's got the running game which will really help.

It's a risk, but as things stand right now, I dunno if I have the team to win it all.

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