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Originally Posted by Sam Slick View Post
I was being metaphorical. Do you work for the owners per chance?
LOL. Loved this reply in every way.

I am amazed at the fans who feel it is necessary to attack other fans' manner of earning a living to try and defend a bunch of guys getting millions to play a game. Yes, it is a game we all love to play and/or watch;yes, it is a game that brings in billions of dollars;yes, it is a game that requires hard work to succeed at. none of that is in dispute. That does not mean the players are any different than roofers, teachers, lawyers, doctors, etc... in regards to whether or not someone works hard at their job. This whole idea that the poor players are so much higher than we little "Joe Blows" because they are the best in the world at playing a game is asinine. I am quite certain far more roofers get seriously hurt each year than NHL players. I know that it is far more dangerous to be a firefighter than a hockey player. I know that there are teachers who work as hard as any NHL player at their jobs without any of the glory or financial compensation that NHL players get.

As such, I see absolutely no reason to side with a bunch of guys whining because the guys who pay them want to get 50% of the revenue the NHL earns..especially when the owners are not even trying to get their hands on the players' own HRR.

If Cole wants to retire, I will wave good bye and say "thanks for a great season" while moving on to the next great Habs player to come along. Sorry, Cole, have a good life and don't let the door hit you in the butt while Galchenyuk (or player "Z") comes on in after you.

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