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Originally Posted by Born in 1909 View Post
Fehr just has to accept that the NHL won't budge this time.

The players will break rank by Christmas...
"This time" ? Your talking as if they budged last time!

The NHL and the PA are currently on even footing. They BOTH realize it's for the good of the league to get to 50/50 revenue sharing, even though it's still, as always, the players' turn to give in.

What the players want is a certain guarantee on their contracts. And I believe they have all rights to do so and am actually cheering for them to go all the way down the road until they get what they are owed. The owners decided to give them x amount of money and gave a contract to the player, but the contract does not equate responsibilities only for the player. It's basically the owner saying that he agrees to give him, for example, 100M$ over the next 10 years. The funny thing is that now, the owners say the contracts are out of hand. Well that's too bad, but it's partly your fault if the contracts are out of hand. The PA is right when they say the owners don't negotiate in good faith. They made their little PR stunt, making the fans believe they could actually save the whole season and such while in fact, they knew the players would never cave in. It was just about putting the fans and the medias on their side, and they apparently succeeded. Gary Bettman is a smart man.

My solution to the lockout would be simple. Bring the revenue sharing at 50/50. Lower the cap-hit of every contracts accordingly, BUT, pay the full salary you owe to the players until the contract is over.

That way, players are happy and they rightfully keep the money they've been promised, while the owners finally have their 50/50 revenue share.

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