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Originally Posted by MajorityRules View Post

So because some of us would rather keep Kessel and Lupul together that means;

We don't like defense
We're only interested in goals
We care more about personal stats over wins

Ever think we'd like to keep Kessel and Lupul together and see the other lines improve. You know, maybe those 2 continue to score at a ppg pace, they play better defense and we get wins. Maybe we'd like to have our cake and eat it too.

Gotta love this place. Always dealing in absolutes.

"You don't want to split Lupul and Kessel up? Well I guess you don't like winning."

As if following through with that is guaranteed to make the team better.
well when you consider our top line became a negative 5on5 after Nov 8th there's no reason why they should have finished the last 52 games together till Lupul got hurt. they can play together on the PP but they should have been split up 5on5. on Nov 8th Kessel's +/- was at his highest +10 Lupul was a +8 at the time, over the next 52 games lupul was a -7 and Kessel was a -11. I don't think it's a coincidence that as our top line +/- went up in the first 14 games the team also went up in the standings as they were sitting in 2nd overall on Nov 8th, and from nov 8th on as there +/- started to fade I also don't believe it's a coincidence that the team started to fade in the standings.

imo if over a month period of games a line is a negative something should be changed to see if something else works better, they never tried anything else other then a couple of games they moved Bozak and Connolly in and out. this failure is one of many that cost Wilson his job, and why we fell down the standings. it's beyond stupid imo to keep sending out a line that is a negative overall 5on5, for 52 straight games regardless of how well there doing offensively.

one other thing I would like to add is how are Washington doing in the playoffs with Ovie and Semin(in the past) who basically didn't care about defense ethier? and Ovie is clearly on another level then Kessel and Semin has shown to be on Kessel's level.

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