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Originally Posted by Tomas W View Post
Meh, as far as I am concerned Finland is still east Sweden. I celebrated when the Finns won the worlds.

"Bra gjort lydstat" I thought.

Seriously though, a Sweden-Finland would have been a very strong team. But it's good that we are separate countries, the hockey world is small as it is, the rivalry between our nations is needed. Xenophobia exluded of course.
Yeah i agree with this but i just like to know what it would have been if history would have went otherway around, Finland - Sweden rivarly is for me the best sports rivalry and rivalries between FEL elite teams or even between NHL teams don't match to the international rivalries what we have, thought Finland - Russia rivalry is a close second to me personally.

And even if Finland would be a part of Sweden we still would probally have our own national sport teams apart from Sweden's teams, at least it was like that when we were a part of Russia.

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