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Originally Posted by xX Hot Fuss View Post
Oh man, the All Star Break is a) going to actually exist in our league and b) be a lot of fun!

Here's what i'm thinking...

-Top 6 teams from each Conference make it. Right now that would be...


Vancouver, Chicago, Detroit, Minnesota, St. Louis, San Jose


Islanders, Islanders, Islanders....kidding

Islanders, Washington, Sabres, Jets, Devils, and Bolts

-We'll do an OTP game (has to be ranked or else we cant use our BAPs) in a specific Lobby (Bluth ASG or something)

-Decide who is going to play what position on each team

-From your position, you choose the best guy on your GM Connected Team and model your BAP after him i.e. Change his name, jersey number, appearance, height, weight, and play by play name to reflect the real player.

Example: In the West the Lineup could look like...


This way, it looks like an actual All-Star game that we actually get to play.

-As far as the shootout goes we can just do essentially a playoff, using the actual seeds at the given time but using the top 8 teams.


1) Vancouver vs 8) Carolina
1) Islanders vs 8) Edmonton
2) Chicago vs 7) Ottawa
2) Washington vs 7) Colorado
3) San Jose vs 6) Tampa
3) Buffalo vs 6) St. Louis
4) Detroit vs 5) New Jersey
4) Winnipeg vs 5) Minnesota

...and then since its a shootout, it should go by really fast and still be pretty fun. Just use your GM Connected Teams and go into online shootout.

I dunno guys, should be a pretty cool All Star Break for the league.
This sounds like a lot of fun. this works in a perfect world but odds are that not all 12 ppl will be available at the same time. I'm thinking if someone can't make it then the 7 seed gets in, etc.

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