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11-02-2012, 03:10 PM
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Originally Posted by Drydenwasthebest View Post
I wish it would happen, but I think they will last a full year. If the players DO last until the summer, I will hope and pray for replacement players. Once we get replacement players, we will see a lot of guys walk away from the union and come back to the best paying league in the world.
Well this is a we'll have to see the Union break before we see replacement players. But either way, if some players decide that they have had enough of the NHL owners, then that is their right.

There will always be players ready to play in the NHL. And that is good enough for me. Whether it is considered the 'best in the world' I personally don't even care about. I just care that the habs win the Stanley Cup - been too long since the last one.

In reality the players will run out of money before the owners case scenario for the players is that the league loses some teams as a result of this lockout and the players still lose partially because jobs will be lost. The fans win in that scenario because we lose some dead weight.

But in the end all I care about is watching the habs...and seeing players that care about the CH jersey when I cheer them from the comfort of my living room. The players have a right to stand up for themselves if they want, but I don't see how a battle can be won by the players...and I would be very surprised if the union survives this time.

And in my opinion the longer the lockout lasts, the worse it is for the players...they will age...lose skills, etc. and then they will be replaced by better younger players. There are always players to play. Look at the NFL...they play without guaranteed contracts.

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