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11-02-2012, 03:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Dalton View Post
I've never heard of Total Hockey. Link please.
As mentioned above, it's a massive print volume that went through two editions. It formed the basis of HR's stats database. It printed career plus-minus component data, and the first adjusted scoring system. It's a major work.

Originally Posted by Dalton View Post
I'd love to read how you compare players by suggesting actual gs in a 6.00 gpg season as a measure but not really suggesting that they'd actually score that many.
Each goal in a 5.0 GPG environment is more valuable in winning games (the point of scoring goals) than each goal in a 6.0 GPG environment.

It's a way of scaling a player's point to make a direct comparison more fair, in terms of the effect that the player's scoring had on his team's chances of winning games.

Originally Posted by Dalton View Post
Your argument has become so convoluted in the defence of it that it defies characterization in the English language.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
It's quite simple, really. No one is saying anyone "would" score anything. The question is how valuable a player's points were. If league scoring is at 8.00 then it takes more goals to win a game (the objective of playing hockey), therefore each goal is individually less valuable. If league scoring is at 5.00 then each individual goal is much more valuable. This is irrefutable. Simple, adjusted offensive stats do little more than approximate a player's offensive contribution towards winning.

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
what's the actual truth? who can ever truly know? But, I can say with great confidence, that whatever this number is, it's a lot closer to 5% than 88%.

Adjusting the figures gets you a better answer, not a worse one. Not a perfect one, but clearly better.

I sure thought it was funny how you said no one cares about how their dominance of their peers compare to eachother. That is all anyone here cares about!
Well said.

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