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Originally Posted by Captain Bob View Post
You seem to turn quickly to the ALL CAPS!!! style of discussion.

How many CBA negotiations have their been in the major 4 leagues in the last 30 years?
How many have been won by the owners?

Let me ask you a question: If the owners have all the cards and win all the CBAs, how in the damn hell did they end up in such a sorry place?

Think about it for a couple minutes before you reply.
The owners plan to lower costs didnt work. Now they are back to fix that mistake. Do you think i am going to say something else?

Can we just stick with the last twenty years? It's tough to compare the NFL work stoppage in 1982 in which the players were asking for such basic rights as unrestricted FA. I agree there are certain things that all professional players require and the owners should give it to them.


1998-1999 - Win for the owners. They got a reduced max salary and a rookie pay scale

2011 - Owners wanted hard cap and 800 million reduction in player revenue. Players eventually agreed to a 50/50 split. It wasnt exactly 50/50, but it averages out that way. 51% first year and can be anywhere between 49/51% every year after that. An even more exteme version of the luxury tax was implemented. Lakers current payroll with the new tax is 200 million dollars starting next year. This limits the majority of teams from going into the luxury tax. A sneaky way to bring down cost's, but the very best players still make max money because they will only play in big markets. Fair to say this is a win for the owners.


2011 - Owners wanted rookie wage scale and more revenue. They got both. Another win for the owners.


1994 - League was unsustainable thanks to over expansion so there needed to be some kind of subsidization. I blame this on the owners because they were greedy **** who gladly took those expansion fees and never gave them back after those markets started to suck. I still wouldnt characterize it as a win for the players. That rookie salary cap was a pretty nice addition for the owners though. No salary cap though...........just yet.

2004 -owners wanted a hard cap and salary rollbacks. Safe to say who won this one when it was first ratified. Obviously it ended up being a big win for the players since the owners cant stop themselves from spending even with a hardcap.

MLB 1994 - Owners got beat bad. They didnt get what they wanted and the players did. Lesson learned by MLB owners and owners of other pro sports teams. NEVER LET THE PLAYERS PLAY during a lockout.

Brings the win total to

Owners - 4

Players - 1

Tie - 1

I dont expect the players to get their second win any time soon. Obviously this is just my opinion on who came out on top, but the owners got their main sticking points almost every time.

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