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11-02-2012, 04:54 PM
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Originally Posted by JKP View Post
It's funny that Jaffe would say that. I haven't talked to a single person here in Halifax that has expressed that sentiment. Almost every person I talk to says, "whatever, once it's over let me know."

Maybe it's that we have lots of hockey to occupy us until the NHL returns or because we're laid back Canadians, but most folks just don't care that much and will wait it out.
we're idiots. we'll go back, despite how unfairly fans have been treated.

Three lockouts...what a joke.

Bettman has taught me one thing. If I hold my breath long enough, I'll eventually get what I want. Wonderful.

Is he damaging the NHL brand with all these work stoppages? Being unable to make a deal WITHOUT a work stoppage? How much does it hurt the growth of the game to those "fringe" fans that had built some affinity to the NHL with a great winter classic? or a Stanley Cup in LA? Is this getting them closer to a gigantic TV contract with ESPN? or another major network?

Or is he simply hurting whatever "partner" relationship was possible with the players union and trying to satisfy some rich owners by making them more rich? and some poor teams by making the rich owners lose less money?

The players have no end-game.

The NHL brand is suffering.

Bettman's steering this ship with each lockout rubbing more and more salt into the wounds of those of us who care - and pushes away those who MAYBE started to care.

Well done.

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