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11-02-2012, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
This should come with a laughtrack. Weren't you earlier arguing that the Esks shouldn't be in the playoffs on the basis of two sadsack teams being worse followed by stating that the ARGOS EARNED the privilege on the same identical basis.

See any inconsistency there? stance has always been that the Esks should earn their playoff spot by winning. Thats exactly what the Argos did.

There is no inconsistency...nice try.

How about the Argos have the record they do due to playing in the Eastern Conference and playing so many of their games against sadsack teams. Until last week the Argos had only 2 wins against Western Opponents.

The Argos are in the playoffs because they get to beat up on Hamilton or Winnipeg seemingly every other week.
So...whats your point? Its not like the Argos or anybody else could control the fact that this is a 2 division 8 team league with more than its fair share of weak sisters.

You seem to have conveniently forgotten that the Esks lost 51-8 to the Ticats and also lost to Winnipeg this year.

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