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Originally Posted by Stickmata View Post
After reading comments by Shane Doan yesterday and Nicklas Kronwall today, it's obvious that a) they're jocks, not businessmen, and they have no real clue about what's going on, and b) they don't appear to be getting advice from someone who does, or who wishes to enlighten them. Their comments demonstrate such an amazing ignorance of the situation and such a lack of business acumen, that it's easy to see why there is no negotiating going on.

Every day that passes without hockey, I hate Donald Fehr more. His responsbility to the players is to negotiate like a businessman and to help them remove emotion from the equation, yet he seems to be doing nothing of the sort. Everytime one of the players opens their mouth, it becomes obvious that they are on another planet. And DFehr seems to be happy to leave them there.
I don't think Fehr is unaware of business issues. In the players proposal, he wanted to give Bettman a $100mil for his own pool to prop up teams as Bettman saw fit. There are teams in trouble and everyone, including Fehr, knows it.

The rhetoric is willful ignorance to keep the players onside. Fehr is leading with that when discussing issues with players. My take is that he is using the lowest common denominator as far as intelligence goes with the players. I find Fehr indirectly insulting to players with this tact.

The reality is that any of the proposals only serves to add to the problem the league has as the system design has been hard or neutral on weaker revenue teams while it has provided a windfall to the rich. Fehr is reluctant to give in just to line the pockets of Toronto, NYR and Montreal. There should not be one iota of profit to any of those 3 for staging this lockout, yet the league's proposals do exactly that. Probably in part to keep the big 3 onside with the rest of the owners. The better design of any proposal would be to serve the weaker rev teams while leaving the rich static or even having them give a little more. The reason the design needs to be better is to insure ongoing employment for players among 30 teams rather than face contraction. Improvement can be made by enhancing rev sharing or reducing player costs or modifying the ranging system or any combination of the above three. There are also alternative systems that could mitigate the problem like a common payroll pot (contributions to said pot being based on ability to pay) for the entire league or other dramatically different systems.

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