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11-02-2012, 04:18 PM
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I'm not happy with Spott the GM as well as Spott the coach.

He failed to recognize that he should have gone for it at the deadline last year when we were ranked 8th in the country and owned the #1 ranked Knights. Instead of upping the ante to get Watson, he allowed our biggest rival to get him and the rest is history. Don't forget that he put the blame on the Petes for not taking his offer, which was "better" instead of admitting he lost out to the Hunters.

He fails to recognize when it's time to sell, and build the asset pool needed to make a run for it at a later date. He's too interested in being a home ice advantage playoff team every year instead of taking his lumps once in a while for the greater good. The Hunters knew they were screwed when Kane and Gagner weren't returned and acted accordingly, which resulted in some of the assets used to acquire Tavares and Del Zotto. Spott should have sold when Skinner and Morin weren't returned. Had Spott dealt vets Akeson, Maxwell and Tipoff that year, we'd be in a much better position today to make noise on the trade market.

The loss of Mike Sadler as head scout a year or two ago is starting to rear it's ugly head. Gone are the days of 1st rounders Azevedo, Kadri, Skinner and Murphy. These days, it's Pederson, who is fast becoming an embarrassment as an OHL 1st rounder, and Schmalz, who can't even make the lineup on a regular basis. You'd swear we were one of the "have not" team who have to draft the players who will report, not the best player available.

Right now, Guelph, London, Windsor, and Owen Sound (all rivals of ours) all have really good 95 and 96 aged young players. Outside of Bailey, who do we have that comes close?

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