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12-08-2003, 07:40 AM
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Originally Posted by smnhppu
I would like to advance a theory, and hopefully get some people’s feedback and (hopefully) some kind of action (or at least a plan of action). You see, I’ve become extremely frustrated with the low-scoring-clutch-and-grab-trap style of play currently “in style”. People are coming up with all kinds of strategies for creating more offense etc. (widen the blue line, create an illegal defense rule, eliminate the 2 line pass rule...) and I think that all these theories are getting a way from the simplest, yet most effective solution:


I know this is somewhat revolutionary and everything, but… the refs have created the problem in the NHL. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a stick is meant to control the puck right?? A penalty should be given to any player who uses his stick for other means. Hooking and holding have become so common place now, that it’s become almost impossible for offensive players to shine. In minor hockey, in old timer leagues, beer leages etc, if a players hooks or grabs a player, there is no doubt about it… a penalty will be handed out. Why would it be different in the NHL?

I think my frustration boiled over on Friday night watching the Montreal Carolina game. At no point could any of our forwards do anything without having one of Carolina’s big slow defensemen hanging on to them. And somehow Carolina got more PPs!! Don’t get me wrong, I think the Habs penalties were well deserved, but how frustrating is it to see players held all game long?? Why should I pay over $100 to see such a spectacle??

The NHL doesn’t need new rules, those already in place gave us spectacular hockey in the 80’s. All we need is for refs to call the game properly. Superstars like Naslund, Modano, Gaborik will shine even more brightly when that happens, and you know what, I think the Habs will do better with that kind of hockey.

That being said, I know what you’re all gonna say: “That won’t change” – bullsh*t. The fans hold the power here. We’re the ones who cough up the money that keeps the teams going. We’re the ones who create forums like this. We need to get organized and voice our discontent with NHL ref.

Then again, maybe I’m way off with this, and maybe the refs are doing a great job…
the refs unfortunately has been a problem that they said they would fix each of the last few years i just dont think it will happen...
Four things i'd like tried...

1. one most people wont agree but i think the nets should be larger...not noticebly though...add the length of a puck on each side and top of the net...they could easily figure out how much ofa difference it would make by counting how many goal posts have been hit so far as these would now have been goals...
another is
2. if two guys get a penalty dont continue playing 5-on-5 like they do at times...make it 4-on-4...over the weekend we could have had a good two minutes of the game sure that would have been exciting to watch!
3. penalties are two (or 4) minutes no matter how many goals are scored
4. During a PK the offending team shouldnt be allowed to ice the should automatically result in a faceoff

my 2 cents worth...

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