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Originally Posted by diceman934 View Post
Kadri was less than spectacular and Connelly/Lambo were.....that is my point. No need to pay Connelly the money they did as they should have given a young prospect the ice time...aid in the players development.

Can you not get that Franson was mishandled.....he was used as the 7th D-man and he was not the 7th d-man. You make a trade for a young player and then you proceed to devalue him as well as to take away his I stated poor asset management....that was my point and still is.

The Komi signing was a mistake at the amount of money that they paid him.....that was my point and still is and yet you only state that he got fair market value....someone else should have been paying him the 4.5 million that Burke paid him. Over paid and a mistake as he has a NMC so we could not bury him like we did with Finger.....we could not trade him as no one would take on that contract.

Liles signing no matter how you spin it was more than fair market value and not at all a good decision in my opinion. He was still out of the line up with a concussion when he was extended.

If we continue to sign players who are not going to be part of turning the team around and take up roster spots, just how are we going to improve. Liles is a soft D man who is not part of the solution and he needs to be replaced if we are to improve....

Your claim that Aulie's development was stalled is funny. He played 40 games the year before and was only a minus 1 playing against the opponents top players and you state his develop does not past the sniff test.

As for why Aulie was sent/
Not sure why you fail to see that Kadri is ready for the NHL. If you force him to play the minutes and he's not ready, that's going to ruin him and that would be poor asset

I think you'd be surprised the teams that would take Komisarek's contract. He got market value and it isn't a mistake. With a new system, you'll see his value rise and people will be happy with the signing. But instead you continue to ignore he's a defensive defenseman that was in an offensive system. Changes are coming.

Again Liles fills in a hole that the team has. If he's not there, we don't have an elite puck mover. And he's one of our only left defensemen. Not sure how you missed that.

Liles is a stop gap until a prospect is ready to take his spot. Franson is a right defenseman. No one is ready to take Liles spot, so signing him to that deal was a great deal. You think he didn't get market value? Did you say Garrison's deal?? Did you see Ehrhoff's deal the other year? These guys aren't your elite players but they got plenty more then what Liles got. Garrison after only one season with Brian Campbell.

You said Aulie wasn't stalled and bring up last years stats? What about the year we are talking about when he played poorly and everyone decided that his progression stopped? He didn't play too well then.

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