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12-08-2003, 08:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Isles_Goal
Actually I believe I read somewhere that his wife has family on Long Island. Regardless, how does he know that the workstoppage is going to last 18 months? Even if it does...his contract would have here even longer than that. He must have known in the summer that he would not last here another three years...or why would he talk about selling his house.

If he sells his house then he's gotta pay rent, which at todays rates will probably be more than his mortgage. At least his Mortgage is tax deductible and his rent is not. Sorry...but his motives are fishie.

I'm sure I read that Peca met and married his wife while a Sabre.Odds are pretty good that she's from Buffalo not LI.

and the article said they already owned a home in Buffalo.So they aren't paying rent while waiting out the workstoppage.

as for why he thinks it could go as long as 18 months...he's a union rep,thinking both sides are going to be stubborn,dig in for a long fight.

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