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Originally Posted by Iain Fyffe View Post
And given that it's a history board, presumably respect should also be accorded to those people who have studied the history of the game, studied the players who (for instance) no living person saw play. History is not just about what you personally remember, or what others tell you they remember.
Well of course Iain, and I do accord the Puckmetricians all due respect, however, when living eyewitnesses accounts to the exploits of any given player are discounted and or derided as being solely objective & unreliable, to then belittle someones accounts, dismiss them as such, telling them "you got that from a wiki search" or whatever, how is that helpful, courteous or positive to what should be enjoyable discourse? I personally am in no way offended, water off a Ducks, but still, there are many who would be, are.... anyhoo, carry on. No biggie.

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