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11-02-2012, 05:15 PM
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I was a hockey fan for the 04-05 lockout, which I'm guessing many of you were as well. There is absolutely nothing, to me, that will make this lockout acceptable. Not Mckinnon or Jones or anything else. The last lockout was obviously horribly disappointing, but I think we got through it thinking it'd be the last one in a long time. To have this happen to us again just feels so damn unacceptable. It doesn't feel like the lockout was 7 years ago, in my mind it might as well have been yesterday. The sad thing is I bet the players have absolutely no idea what's best for them, except for maybe a couple guys like Parros who went to Princeton and got an actual degree in economics. A lot of these guys probably barely got through high school and have no concept of the technicalities of what they're negotiating over. Of course that is why they have Donald Fehr there to do it for them, but it also means most can be easily manipulated into continuing this thing which is probably not in their best interest.

No matter what deal they get, it will never make up for losing a year of their careers, from Ovechkin to Porte Wine Barch these guys are screwing themselves. **** principle, take your 50-50 deal, work out some revenue sharing scheme that makes you happy, stop arguing for delinkage which might as well be ****ing Atlantis for how realistic it is, and sign a damned deal. I'm not on anyone's side here, but I do think the players are much further away from reality than the owners are.

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