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11-02-2012, 06:17 PM
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Originally Posted by guymez View Post
The Esks have been junk this season for the most part regardless of who they played...that is undeniable. Nice try with the excuses on the Ti-Cats game.

The divisions are what they are in this goofy League...all bets are off in the playoffs.

In any event, what exactly is your point here...that the Esks are better than the Argos?
My point was we made the playoffs, legit, and fair and square. Not sure where the notion comes from that the Eskimos don't deserve to be there and the Argos automatically do. 2 weeks ago the Argos would've found themselves in last place in the west and despite their easier schedule.

Argos are playing reasonably well right now. We'll see what happens. If we get some guys back from injury and are reasonably healthy (Howard, Sherritt, Charles) playing complete games then we're in it. Being that the game is in Toronto it could be a longer day if we continue to have multiple injuries on D.

I think theres very little to choose between the clubs tbh. Despite us winning both matchups.

Again as far as the one ticats game its a game like no other all season. That is undeniable. Not one other match where the team looked like that. You can say junk I guess. We won 7 games, several convincingly, we lost 5 games by a couple pts and in at least 3 of those missed the game winning FG. On another one we had the ball deep and Jyles fumbled when it would've been an easy kick to win. We could easily have 10 or 11 wins now.

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