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11-02-2012, 06:18 PM
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Originally Posted by MVP of West Hollywd View Post
One thing underrated here. If the deal got done next week, they could still play a lot of games. The Oct. 26th offer implied only 7-10 days needed from the deal before the start of a season. Therefore a season hypothetically could start on something like November 15th. If they couldn't make 82 Gs with that start date I bet it'd be 75 Gs+

I think one of the reasons the owners are willing to give this Make Whole is that they realized the next few weeks is essential in regards to how much revenue they'll make this year. If this goes nowhere for 2 weeks, the WC will be fully dead and chances are negotiations will shut down for another month. At that point they'll be losing games in bunches. Giving the make whole right now is a better financial idea than losing 20 Gs
Yes, but with the Oct. 26th deadline, at that point the plan was to sort of cut and paste the first part of the season. Very little changes to the schedule would have been necessary. With a shorter season, they'd have to rearrange a few games to make the whole divisional/conference play work. It would take longer to start the shortened season.

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