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Originally Posted by Alan Jackson View Post
Honestly, some of you. Do you think the League has gracioulsy offered to "make whole" player contracts out of the goodness of their hearts?!

Let's see some of the details before we demand the PA sign on the dotted line.

Again, the NHL claimed the last offer contained "no rollback" of player salaries.
Kopitar (face value, old CBA): $6.8M + $6.8M + $6.8M + $6.8M = $27.2M

Kopitar (NHL 50/50): $5.9M + $6.2M + $7.5M + $7.5M = $27.2M

Oh, please. They have to wait until the end of their deals to get <$1M WITH INTEREST? What a sacrifice. So unacceptable.

There was no rollback. There was deferment. The face value of the contract (which they are not even legally entitled to) is paid out.

If you want to say 'the present value of money is higher than the future value' then you have a point. But enough with this 'rollback' BS.

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