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Originally Posted by Minister of Offence View Post
If you've played a lot of competitive sports you know that when you play down a level, you can try as hard as you want, but you'll be below your best on most nights whether you like it or not. And that's before you consider the fact they are trying to stay healthy as well.

There's really no sense in getting worked up about any players stats as he plays oversees in the lockout. But it would look poor if a top NHLer wasn't at or near the top of the team in scoring.
I agree with you! It's a team sport, you're also below your top level because your team mates aren't on your level, you adapt your game to them. It's clear it makes no sense if you're passing brilliant but no one can catch your pass, next time your pass is less brillant but your team mates are able to make more out of it, then it helps the team anyway. But I would deny 100% to the statement that he's not trying to give his best, I think that wouldn't reflect his character in a fair way! In the past I saw other playes in our colors which where not half that active and motivated as he seems to be, and that were players with regular contracts, regular salary etc..
And he is on the top of the team in scoring, and has less games played than the others

So there is no reason for beeing spiteful or hate on him (sometimes it sounds like that in this discussion...). You should be happy that he's using this chance and will be in a top shape when he returns back home!
He's a player that deserves the respect, he has his hockey Heart on the right place, although he's a star he's a nice and moderate impression!

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