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Originally Posted by pepty View Post
How do you think it was presented to them, if at all?

Form various reports the PA phone call was about the PA pressuring the players to stick together and the players "imploring" the PA to get back to the bargaining table.

The owners obviously don't trust the spin the Fehrs are giving the players for any of their offers because they think they have hijacked the process for their own agenda.

And the more of this kind of stuff we see, the more likely it is that they are right.

Fehr is likely trying to think up a way the this offer can be spun as another"insult' to the players.

But some of the players must be realizing that they are caught in the back of a runaway train.
This rings of truth.

I still don't understand what Fehr's plan B is. I call him stupid out of frustration, but I like to think he has some plan. I just don't see what it could be.

And this 'lockout to end lockouts' thing is stupid. Both sides should retain the right (strike, lockout) to fight for a fair CBA deal. And I fail to see why it would beat back owner resolve when the players are the ones who are the most vulnerable financially - that will never change.

Any poster on this board could have negotiated what the NHL offered already. I don't buy that 'not negotiating' has been an effective tactic for the NHLPA. Hints of this deal have been floating around since day one.

Again, I am welcome to any mathematical explanation of what the NHLPA's possible endgame is.

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