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11-02-2012, 06:32 PM
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I think it's business 101, it doesn't matter what business. If you put a poor product out there, you're not gonna make money. Restaurants for instance, if you provide amazing food, at a decent price, you will make money, first by word of mouth. Then, even if you raise prices, people will still come back, because its a great product, you will always be guaranteed to be satisfied, and the owner always has a full restaurant. Crappy food, empty restaurant. Even if you charge $1 a meal, you may fill the restaurant for a little while, BUT people will get sick of the food after a while, even at the cheap price point. Bottom line, put a good product out there, people will pay, take some of the profit and put it back into the business, repeat. If your not willing to put some of your profits back into the business, and you put a crappy product out there, you lose money.

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