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11-02-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Petes2424 View Post
On a side note. I've created two identical players for the 2014 draft. I will not draft either of them. Im going to track them at different stages of their careers. If one guy advances faster or his ovr takes a huge jump while the other guy doesnt, I should get some data as to why.
Just an update on these two identical created players. One went to Winnipeg, one went to Montreal. I've not touched anything with them as I have neither.

Both players played 2 years in CHL
Both players have played 2 years in the AHL
One player far outweighs the other in statistics.
Both players heading into the NHL are 81 ovr.

Every year they've been their ovr has been the same.

I also have a five year running spreadsheet on players drafted on my own team. Everything is pretty standard no matter how I've tried to progress them. Im in 2019 now and Im going to start a new 5 year spread sheet and compare them.

Still going with complete randomness..

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