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11-02-2012, 06:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
Joey Walsh ‏@HockeyStickMan
Little brother Dusty (Dustin Walsh) returns to the @Dartmouth_MIH lineup tonight after being out for almost a year
Good to hear, Dartmouth is lighting up Yale already.

Originally Posted by Twi2teD View Post
Agree 100%. Everybody's an expert here at HF, lmao! For the record, I wasn't trying to contradict you, more lending to your point.

I personally find the one thing that will always carry over, is hockey sense. I always say to my friends that, I'll never fault a player for having the right idea. You can develop skating, shooting, and stick-handling but it's much harder to develop that puck poise and awareness. The ability to immediately make the right reads, while under pressure, is something that transcends skill. In my opinion!
Hockey sense is huge as i don't think that's something that can taught. You either have it or you don't. One of the reasons I like Leblanc so much is that he's so smart hockeywise.

Originally Posted by WaltWhitman View Post
Could it be that more Americans play in the former leagues and usually only the higher-drafted prospects or "locks" go the CHL route?

Why doesn't Team Canada take more USHL and U.S. college players?

It's all one big conspiracy, maaan!
Of course more Americans play in the US, that's comon sense. Clearly Team USA favors kids from the National Development Team, as they should since it's often going to have several of the top talent.

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