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11-02-2012, 06:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Marc the Habs Fan View Post
I'm pro-NHL at this stage, but they haven't made a single concession if you compare with the CBA that just some point, they will have to in order to get an agreement done. Just like in 2005 when they gave players much lower UFA age.

If you compare their recent offers to their insulting offer of July, then yeah, there have been tons of concessions.
I disagree. Compare it to the other sports leagues. It's all about perspective. Why is everyone caught up in that offer that was months ago?

50/50: better than MLB and NFL, equal to NBA.
Make whole: pays out face value, when face value is not legally binding.
Absorb make whole: removes most (66%) of 13% from player's share.
Revenue sharing: $200M > NBA $180M

Players take back a year or two on the FA stuff, deal done.

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