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Seeing as the Main Video Game Board thread is buried, let's continue using this one. Shall we?

Seeing as this is the last schedule period before playoffs, here's a league update.

Eastern Conference
Standings currently as follows:

1) Winnipeg WaterDummy 2) Buffalo VX S m o k e 14 3) Philadelphia alastairzander 4) Carolina Zetterberg l40l
5) Montreal aSockalypse 6) Washington CPU 7) Pittsburgh SolidSnake3516 8) Ottawa CPU

However, seeds 5-8 are in extreme danger, with Toronto (CPU) and NYR (BigBenSF) right on the doorstep. If you are the GM of one of these six teams, now is the time to make that push to reach the promised land! BigBen, kick one of those fool CPU teams out and take your rightful spot!

The major news in the East is that Winnipeg has taken the league by storm. Predicted by most to miss the playoffs, their GM went out and acquired stellar goaltender Pekka Rinne in a blockbuster. Rinne has led them, with major goal-scoring assistance from Blake Wheeler, to the top of the Southeast and the conference. That the Rangers have fallen so far in the standings is really quite incredible, given the start they had and the wonderful trades they pulled off.

Western Conference
Standings currently as follows:

1) Minnesota RvB Fanatic147 2) St Louis GearDawg87 3) Phoenix Ominous Grey 4) Vancouver CPU
5) Dallas Peewee x 13 6) Edmonton dewey17 7) Chicago Fender731 8) San Jose Trevor6

And on the outside (for now) looking in, are Columbus (ksk929) and Anaheim (CPU). KSK, take your spot in the playoffs, bud! There is literally 1 point between spot 6 and spot 10 in the Western Conference. Each team has either 85 points or 84 points. It will likely come down to tiebreakers as to who makes the cut. Make sure you don't fall into that dangerous position! Go win your games! Calgary (KyLe533) still has an outside chance, but would likely need to sweep all of his games to make it in.

The major news in the west is the fight for the top seed between Minnesota and St. Louis. It will be made more difficult for Minnesota by the fact that Zach Parise will be injured until midway through next season. It is highly admirable that Columbus has made it this far, but it remains to be seen whether the gritty underdog club can scratch their way into postseason contention. Also of note, the defending champions have already been (essentially) eliminated from contention - sitting at number 12 in the west, they've had a miserable season, plagued with injuries and slumps.

3 teams GMs have been added. Minnesota, Dallas, and Carolina have all been claimed. Two to friends of mine (who will surely be active), and Minnesota to a board member. A few people have left or been kicked for inactivity, so their vacancies have been plugged for the time being. There will be more GMs on their way. If you have a friend who'd like to play, refer them to me.

I will wait a couple more days to allow people to finish their seasons right. Get into the playoffs, and it should be a good one!

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