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11-02-2012, 06:52 PM
Ron C.
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Some thoughts:

The other major sports leagues in the US are at 50-50 percentage or less. The NHL will be at that level also. Both sides know that and have admitted as such. The players should not be indignant that they will be "giving up" a percentage again. Average salaries have gone up every year. Nothing to complain about.

On the other side, contracts that were bargained in good faith should be honored. However, the previous CBA had an escrow clause that will almost definitely be present again. The NHL is NOT going to gross 3.3B again this year and may not for some time. I wonder how much of the increases over the past few years have been "growth" as opposed to increases in the Canadian Dollar vs the USD. Suffice it to say, the currency exchange can't be counted on that much more.

The players have stated that last time they rolled back salaries and are unwilling to give back again. Five years ago, I would have said that the players lost the deal. However, the saying goes ...which ever side wants to continue the current deal, won the last deal. The players won the last deal so it's no surprise that they will have to give up a percentage again.

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