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Originally Posted by NotProkofievian View Post
No, it's a horrible analogy, and one made from an obtuse point of view. I'm starting to get tired of message boards because most of the time, no one's trying to understand the other person's point of view. It would be preferable to many people here to appear right, than for something correct, but contradictory to their opinion be shared.

What's your plan for Plekanec then? Just hold him until he retires, and watch the asset wither away? At least if he started as a draft pick, and ends up giving us nothing when he leaves, we didn't lose anything, right? Buy cheap, and sell...well...don't sell at all?

The point is that he's probably had his best year that he'll ever have here, and from here on, his value will only stay relatively flat, or decrease. Meanwhile, the habs are in simply 0 position to be a contender in those "flat" years. We might as well store the value invested in him in terms of assets that will appreciate in value.
How is it a horrible analogy? Yes, I'm aware Crosby is a building block, that is besides the point I'm raising. We finished 1st a few years ago with Plekanec, we finished 3rd worst with him last season. He is not the reason for our record. It doesn't mean we would end 27th again this year if there was a season, and it doesn't mean we should move him.

What would be so terribly wrong in keeping Plekanec till he retires? God forbid we hold on to a good player from his rookie year to his last game.
But if you go back to read my previous post again, I said we should wait to see how our other centers develop. If none of them show signs of being better than him, then I don't understand why we should trade him (unless it's packaging him in order to get a better center).

Who knows where we will be in 3years. We have a new administration, a new coach, and eventually a new CBA with new rules.

If you want to say we're not going to be a contender next year, so might as well move him to stock up on picks and prospects, well, why not just trade all the guys that are 30+? Let's move Cole, Gionta and Markov too.
You need good veterans to show things to the younger guys. Eller's game became more and more similar to Plekanec's as the year went on. PK also mentioned how just watching Markov play when he's on the bench helps. MaxPac said the same of Cole. Plekanec would be a good help to Gally.

As I previously mentioned, moving Plek can become a possibility, but not before knowing if the younger guys can take over. If they are, then a decision will need to be made. Nothing needs to be forced though.

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