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11-02-2012, 06:57 PM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
I'm pretty pissed off at the players to be honest, they waited so long to start talking to the owners about the CBA. They should have known the NHL was going to lockout. Their request to keep playing while negotiating wasn't going to stand, that just would have been a way for the players to say "things are good enough you let us keep playing", etc.
This is something where both sides are to blame and I don't trust either sides word all that much in the blame game. From what I understand, the NHL didn't want CBA talks to overshadow the NHL playoffs.

From my take on this I find it sad that pro-sport unions even exist seeing that there is no need for them given the amont of money these athletes make. While I do understand why the unions are there in pro-sports, to me unions are more meant for those in non-management positions who are trying to get by in this world and where management cannot be trusted.

I'm mad at the NHL here because all of us were told that having a salary cap will be the best thing ever for the health of the league that we will never be down this road again as a result. Despite record revenue, we are here again as the result of the NHL wanting more money at the expense of the players who the league blames are the problem to why only certain teams make money while others don't. As far as I'm concerned, the players are not responsible for those in management who(and will in the future) find ways to circumvent the cap and find loopholes in the CBA that played a role in the kinds of contracts the different teams have.

Let's say this 50-50 deal is agreed upon at some point, what? All the teams are going to start making a profit and not scream poverty in the future? Management is going to be fair and play by the rules as they expect the players to?? No more trying to find ways around the the CBA and such? No more of the league locking out players if they don't agree to take another hit salary wise?

I could go on and on but like I said before I don't get too caught up in the pro-business or pro-union spin here for reasons I have talked about before.

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