Thread: Prospect Info: 2012-2013 Prospect Talk PART IV
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11-02-2012, 08:09 PM
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I don't doubt that he signed for the immediate money and used his situation at home as a convenient screen to keep the Islander option open. In less than one month he went from "I am coming to the NHL," to, "I signed here." Less than one month, during which time I believe his Mom was just as sick when he said he was coming, to when he shut the door. IMO the most likely scenario is he saw his immediate gains vs. the uncertainty of a roster spot here any time soon as the deciding factor. Probably he used the Islanders via his agent proclaiming he was coming here pre-contract as a way of bargaining for a better salary over there. I of course don't know this for sure, the same way none of us know exactly why he did what he did, so I don't dislike him for what he did, but I also could care less if he ever makes it over here as well because of it too.

If anyone should be pissed it's Bonzo, because he was pretty much hung out to dry by the guy by how things went down.

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