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11-02-2012, 07:35 PM
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Originally Posted by LyricalLyricist View Post
Well, I wouldn't be surprised if I give people wrong impression by not giving them benefits but I hardly care. In my experience, when you try to please one you'll upset others so its best to just be fair to everyone and I save myself the problems.

That's what i'm hoping for. I did well on 1st half of the course but had less success on the 2nd portion. I still got an A but didn't like it very much. Might as well re-learn it.

Unfortunately, the courses I am doing now and find relatively easy conflict with my schedule next year so I don't think i'll be able to be a TA for them...which is disappointing.
Do they have different requirements for TAs at Concordia or something? My room mate was a TA during her undergrad at Concordia. At McGill an undergrad has virtually no chance of being a TA.

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