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Originally Posted by MeHateHe View Post
Since posters keep throwing the term "concessions" about, let's make sure we understand what the term means. It refers to alterations of the current agreement in the other side's favour. Arguing that the players haven't made any concessions while the owners have is just factually incorrect. What has happened is the owners have demanded concessions from the players and have, as time has worn on, moderated those demands.

I suspect that if a deal is to be reached, it will mostly be, relative to th last agreement, in the favour of the owners and to the detriment of the players. It will be the players who will have made concessions before this thing is done.
You are wrong. They had a share of 57 percent in the last deal, yes. But that doesn't mean they are entitled to that number as a starting point again. (We are not talking 'whole' contracts here, because that's a point i think is legit for the players).

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