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11-02-2012, 08:18 PM
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Originally Posted by expatriated_texan View Post
Quite frankly, I'm amazed this article doesn't have a couple of pages of folks bashing AD already...or is he right..we've (meaning NHL fans collectively and Colorado Avalanche fans more precisely) already given up on it....or is he right and we (meaning those of you who routinely eviscerate his every column or more have no bones to pick about it because he's hit a nerve.

I like AD, I think he could be better but he's nowhere near the worst I've seen. I think he takes a lot of grief on this site that he shouldn't because folks sometimes confuse his blog with actual news stories. I guess the whole purpose of my comment here is I'm actually asking folks to say if they agree with him for once or not. This one kinda hit it on the head of the nail. I've already cancelled the Center Ice package and purchased season tickets to my local college team's home games with that money. I simply refuse to spend additional money on NHL games this season so I'll be following the AVs from the newspaper and here if they get a season going. If they don't get one together soon...well, I'm just have to blow the dust of the guitar and start playing that again or find some other hobby like ice-sculpting...but of one thing I'm sure...another shortened season or year without hockey will cure me of my NHL addiction for good.
Yeah, sounds about right. I've also cancelled Center-Ice (pretty sure Bell would have charged me for it anyways, even though there isn't a season...a-holes) and I'm certainly not buying any NHL merchandise in the near future either.

At this point, I'm pretty pissed off and I'm a hardcore fan. I don't care who's right and who's wrong, I just don't care. I'm pissed at both sides equally. I think the owner's 1st offer was a complete joke and I ALSO think the players should have negotiated off the owner's last 50-50 proposal to save the complete 82 game schedule and get things going. Since they didn't, as things progress, I don't see how the players are going to get a better deal from the league than what was offered. They don't know how to split up $3.3M??? Yeah, good luck getting back to that now that you've pissed off casual and hardcore fans.

The ONLY way they get me back onboard as invested as I WAS before, is if they offer Center Ice for FREE for whatever season they DO have (if any).

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