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11-02-2012, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by AP View Post
Different stokes for different folks.

My guess would be that over the years video games have been and still some today about the hero rather than the villain. The video games about the villain are IMO far more interesting than the hero and it is that mentality that lead to explosion of such games and series with Rockstar being the leader and the GTA series being a standout over the years.

GTA is fun to play not only for the missions but also the other things you can do in the game. In GTA 4 you can go bowling, play pool, play darts. Now I hear in GTA 5 you can play a round a golf.

Now to get more twisted here, what I love doing in GTA alot and still get a kick out of when not doing all the other stuff is randomly kill others to waste sometime. Running people over with your car, killing FBI agents with an AK-47. Of course I don't recommend to anyone in real life trying what I just mentioned here.
Eh I suppose it's just me, I've never understood the fascination people (mostly dudes) have with organized crime. I think most mob movies are ******** which I've come to learn is basically blasphemy in guy world. I think it makes people feel by extension more powerful and I suppose I can understand that. That said putting up a poster of Scarface does not some how translate into you now being a bad ass. lol

It kinda reminds me of some of my fellow metal loving fans. Sorry but just because you listen to Amon Amarth and that guy listens to Justin Bieber, doesn't mean he couldn't kick your ass with ease.

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