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11-02-2012, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by LoSTRaMaiR View Post
I still hate the uniforms. Other than that, everything has seemed pretty great.

I was unaware of Vinik's favoring of the lock-out. I imagine it is more of a case of owners sticking together rather than Vinik being pro lock-out.

He seems to be buying a lot of property(or trying to) around the forum. I am excited to see what he plans to transform the area into, if he is able to workout the property deals. I am not a Rays(more baseball in general) fan, but if St Pete allows the team to move, and they end up housed near the forum, that would be pretty neat. I have not been to Channelside in many years, but I hear businesses are in trouble there.

PS, work out the ****ing CBA and play some ****ing hockey.
Well, every team did vote in favor of locking out the players, so there's that. Not that I fault them for that particular move, but the new CBA should have been done long before the previous one expired, and it's a failure on both sides not to have more urgency in this.

Both sides can try to frame this however they want, but it's not a labor dispute or work stoppage, it's a failure to operate.

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