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Originally Posted by Some Other Flame View Post
Yeah, because all 700 players are going to be checking their email every 5 minutes to see if anything's changed.

And I'm sure the all 239 owners are doing that exact same thing.
NHLPA types "the league has agreed to cover the make whole clause from their percentage"...NHPA stops typing. They then hit all send to the 700 email addresses that the players have provided as union employees and the message is instantly sent to all players...

They aren't checking their email regularly? Good grief, after all the twitters and comments made by the players you believe this group doesnt' check their emails? Phone pings indicating a message from the NHLPA, you believe they don't check it? If not, then really are those players actually concerned about the ongoing CBA negotiations. I guess most didn't even know that the winter classic was cancelled, because they may not have bothered to check their phones. Heck, some of the players may not even know that there is a lockout. Clearly they don't check their cellphones while sitting around waiting for the season to begin.

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