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11-02-2012, 09:37 PM
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I'm not sure how strong this Calgary D is that they're fielding, but in no universe is Kerry ****ing Joseph a better option than this kid.

Matt Nichols isn't perfect, nor has he shown enough to be anointed anything like a savior or anything. But what he is, is the best QB on this roster. Kerry ****ing Joseph would've kept us at 3 points. That much I'm sure of.

Let him play the whole game and get reps. No point playing Jyles. Let him practice bringing out water.

O-line is too inconsistent in blocking. I do like they are trying to run, but if they can call running plays at better times, than it may be more useful in my opinion.

D looks decent. Howard back makes a lot of difference. TL has been a terrific DT this whole season and it shows. An anchor on our D-line. Sherritt has been good. DB's need to tighten up a little but overall can't complain. If we took better angles on sacks, I think we would've had 2-3 more.

Overall can't complain. Not outstanding, but not terrible. All I know is with Joseph we would've been stuck at 3 points and Calgary is probably at 27-34 points. There is no ****ing way Joseph offers anything more than Nichols.

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