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11-02-2012, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by YWGinYYZ View Post
On H&L, they just mentioned that the league has a new proposal, based on the last one. The make whole is still a deferred thing, but this time, the "make whole" portion is coming out of the owners side of the HRR going forward. Sounds like they want immediate relief, and will pay back out of their share of HRR going forward.

Could be good news, but I'm not getting my hopes up too much yet.
Yea I had heard Lebrun mention this was one of the possibilities......I believe this was always their for the PA IF THEY HAD COUNTERED at the last minute to save the 82 game schedule? Still a puzzling strategy Fehr is working on.......on another note Shane Hnidy mentioned on the Rona Round table that on the PA conference call yesterday 3 different player reps spoke up and said the players on their respective teams wanted to get back to the table and get a deal done. I know it's only 3 out of 30 but sometimes you just need the first few to speak up to get the ball rolling. these two pieces of news from both sides at similar times could indicate the sides "MIGHT" want to salvage a part of this season.

What is so sensless is that this has been there to be had since the last NHL offer IMHO.

Mind numbing really!

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