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11-02-2012, 10:43 PM
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Originally Posted by blitzkriegs View Post
Bettman works for the owners. I get he is the face of the owners but he doesn't have unilateral authority to make this end. Under his leadership he has made the owners TONS of money from 400 million to 2 billion.

If the players wanted to play hockey this year, they should have never hired Fehr. Once he was hired the league was/is not going to respect his leadership.
Totally agree. Yes, everyone involve with this is greedy there is no denying it. Nobody is being more greedy than another. The reason I don't hold Bettman responsible is very simple. Look at what is at stake for each side. You have the owners and players. The owners have a lifetime vested interest in their share, the players...10-15 years. BIG DIFFERENCE! The owners actually want the entire league to grow and keep getting richer and more popular because it strengthens their asset. The players just want to make as much money as possible while they can play. Honestly, I think Bettman has more care in how the league grows than the players and I think his actions over the years have shown it because the NHL has gotten better and better.

There is only one person in this circus that I think cares very little about the league and it's Fehr. Do I blame him, not so much. He's actually getting paid by the players not to care. BUT, the players have to do the right thing and make sure they direct Fehr on what they want when they actually care about a solution. As of right now they just don't. They will find jobs in other leagues and continue to lose money until they smarten up. It's not going to change until their wives start to piss and moan and they see how upset their kids are that Daddy is in another country, or they are in danger of missing a payment on their Audi or 6 bedroom 3 1/2 bath colonial. That's when they are going to say, "hey, I'm lucky to have a friggin job and I need to stop bellyaching about being rich, just not as rich. Would I want my kid to have a job in the NHL someday? Would I like that to be his dream? Then I need to ensure that there IS an NHL in the future and trust that the league is driven by savvy owners who have continued to grow the product and will continue to grow it and make money for my future and possibly my children's future."

With that said I have a question for you guys. I know that scabs worked in the NFL because the majority of their profit is driven by cable deals and not actual box office revenue unlike the NHL. I also know that most of you will say you won't go to a game and pay full price for scabs. What is your actual opinion on it and why.

I would be 100% for scabs for circumstances that are much different than many of you. I cannot see any other hockey. I live in Korea... NHL center ice is the only way I get my hockey and they don't offer AHL center ice, or ECHL center ice or any other center ice for that matter that gets me hockey. I would pay full price to watch the Islanders regardless of the roster because it's the only hockey I can get. I KNOW players would cross picket lines if scabs were brought in, there is no doubt in my mind. So, sound off...

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