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11-02-2012, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by OlTimeHockey View Post
If they won, and sold out regularly, they get those sponsors. You advertise where you are seen. Why do advertisers not spend on a team that ranks last for two decades short of one blip? Because there is no attendance and no money in advertising.

If you have 16,234 people in a building and are in the suburbs and you have another team with 12,000 people in a giant metro area with no draw.....where do you spend? Are the urbanites spending more money on goods and services than the suburban person per capita?

Now add the number of events. If the NVMC were selling out 41 nights and playoffs every year in the 'burbs, you also have concerts and shows and circus acts. say a well run barn had 120 nights packed. Would advertisers see more value to getting exposure? To say they don't would mean one believes the burbs don't spend on goods and services. But city folks do.

That's silly.

No one advertises because the Isles are synonymous with SUCKING.

The luxury box concept is the only real difference, then.

But the team is not well run and the man who runs the team runs the events as well so no bookings, no winning, no revenue.

And in 2001, we were positive in revenue. The arena stood in the way then as did SMG and we were still in the black. If we had refurbed or replaced the building then and gotten rid of SMG, we'd have made more money IF.....we sold out enough. If we didn't, eventually advertisers pull out and we get Tattoo Lou's and moving companies because no one gives a **** about a team that doesn't give a ****. Period.

Especially when they can had their ad dollars to Dolan or Ratner or a slew of other local shows.
By your logic sponsors would rather advertise for hockey in Nashville (winning team), than Toronto. It doesn't hold any water. Advertisers care about 1 thing-how many people they're able to reach with ads. It's that simple. Brooklyn's population is about the same as Nassau+Suffolk combined (and MUCH more importantly more concentrated).

Would winning bring fans to NVMC? OF COURSE. But the problem is this: you can say that about ANY NHL, NFL, MLB, or NBA team. It's a terrible argument. Attendance during losing years is more important than winning years. That's what really shows a team how strong their base is.

The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn-I understand that many are upset about it, and have been fighting it tooth and nail (even to the point of being so naive that they honestly believe that a franchise would have a NHL team in Suffolk).

The suburbs are NOT suitable for the NHL. Times have changed. Just because the Islanders organization lives in the early 80's-the world doesn't. Long Island can't support a team-EVEN a winning team. It just can't. That's not a knock on Long's reality. Get over it. Move on. Be grateful we still have a team to cheer for. Wang bent over backwards for Nassau and how did the people respond? They voted it down.

Honestly I blame the people of Nassau the most. Not just for the one vote (that is a big thing). But even if you wanna blame the politicians-who votes them in? The people of Nassau need to look at themselves in the mirror and wake up. The Islanders are moving to Brooklyn. No you wont be able to go to as many games. Get over it-and move on. It wont be that a former season ticket holder who now only sees them twice a year (1 was already cancelled so my best case scenario is 1 time this year), I PROMISE you. It could be worse-a lot worse. You could have to become a fan of another team. I don't know about you-but I was prepared to become a full-time Lightning fan in a few years. The move to Brooklyn is EASILY the best Islanders related news I've ever heard in my life.

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