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Originally Posted by buddahsmoka1 View Post
I don't know. Most classes in Arts at McGill have conferences (I have never had a class without conferences), which are run by TAs. I have never seen an undergrad TA in any of my classes, nor heard of one having a position.

I think the last point is crucial here. McGill's ratio of grad students to undergrad students is much higher than Concordia.


9000 Grad Students : 26,000 Undergrad Students (more than 1:3)


7,300 Grad Students : 36,000 Undergrad Students (almost 1:5)

Shortages of TA applicants are much more likely at Concordia than McGill I would imagine as a result.

I had no idea Concordia had so many students, christ.
In the math department, for example, I know of no one who TAed as an undergrad. You can be a grader, at which point you're also likely to give tutorials; I and most of my friends gave tutorials when we were graded. Responsibility level is similar, but not the pay lol :-)

I think one of my friends may have taught a class as an undergrad, but that was an exception.

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