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11-02-2012, 11:59 PM
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Having a hard time finding skates that fit.

I wear a size 14 shoe, and I originally thought a normal width (in ratio to length). But after trying on skates, it's apparent I have wide feet as well.

I currently have some old Nike skates that are size 12s. My toes are touching the end. They might be a tad bit short, but I don't think this is the issue. They are super tight on the sides through out the the whole foot.

Anyways, I went to a couple sport stores. One had a 13, which was too big. The guy got me to try a 12 on. I think it might be the right size for me. My toe is not quite touching the end, or just barely.

The issues I'm having with is width. Finding 12 EE is not the easiest thing to do.

I tried on the three Bauers, and the Nexus seem like the best fit for me. They still seem a bit snug on the sides, but I'm wondering if heating them, then breaking them in would make them fit right? I haven't skated in 12 years. I don't know what a comfortable skate should fit like, as I don't have many options. The skate seemed to fit decently, but I'm not sure how it's supposed to feel. When I first tried it on, the toe cap seemed a little tight. But then I tried them on again, not tying the bottoms as tight, and it was okay.

My concern is I buy them, they seem like they will be okay, and five minutes on the ice, they are killing my feet. They said they really don't have a return policy for skates. Once you use them on the ice, they're pretty much yours.

So I'm not sure what to do.

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