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Originally Posted by LeBlondeDemon10 View Post
I doubt it. In 72, he would definitely make a difference, possibly giving the Canadians a convincing series win. The 79 and 81 losses were because of team defense, goaltending and a psychological variable that only Gretzky AND Lemieux were able to defeat in 87. Without the both of them, its possible they lose that series too.
I think I mentioned in the original post that it only starts when Mario's career begins. In other words, 1981 and 1979 don't apply here. The tournaments during Mario's career only apply.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
I doubt he makes a difference in 2006 - he was really slow by that point and would have been murdered on the big ice. Remember that 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City and 2004 World Cup were on small ice.

In 1996, he very well could have made a difference. Assuming 1998 goes the same way - I do like Mario's chances in the shootout but it's no guarantee.
Here's the thing, does it even get to a shootout? Think of how much more attractive Lemieux makes an entire team. Lemieux is the #1 center and Lindros fills a much easier #2 position in 1998. How do you stop that? I honestly don't think the Canadians even get into a shootout with Mario there. Banged up or not he had just led the entire NHL in points with 122 in 1997.

Originally Posted by Dennis Bonvie View Post
If they could lose with Gretzky, why not with Mario?
To be fair Gretzky was a 35 year old in 1996 still very good but no longer the best player in the game. Add a couple years onto that with 1998. Gretzky was no longer "the man" on Canada after 1991. He shouldn't have been relied upon so much in 1996 and even then he still led the Canadians in scoring. But Mario in 1996 trumps Gretzky in 1996.

Look, I honestly put it this way in 1996. Mario was the best player in the game. We talk about the impact Orr and Hull would have made in 1982 and I put Mario a couple notches below Orr in 1972 and definitely more vital than Hull would have been in 1972. Mario in 1996 is worth having on the team just for the power play alone and we all know he would do more than that.

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